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It’s Working is about identifying and addressing social issues affecting working families and the development and execution of real time solutions. We support national- and state-level efforts that regulate and mandate better situations for working mothers, and we applaud the policy and plans in progress with an eye on helping women meet national health guidelines for first foods and thus creating the best possible outcomes for families.

Still, there is so much more we can do in the most immediate sense, as private-sector leaders, to help keep women a vital part of the US workforce. Our focus is on the here and now, on today’s families and babies. We are an ally and advisor to the forward-thinking private sector leaders who choose to super-serve their families.

We are actively committed to illuminating and sharing these solutions for the private sector to keep women a stable and active part the workforce by providing employers with the essential tools to support their mothers — through HR policies, both physical and structural changes to work environments, and other simple solutions — that create seismic shifts in corporate culture and perception. The positive impact of which can be felt organization-wide, from recruitment and retention to authenticity of brand messaging and publicity around organizational philosophy.

Our emphasis is on the evolution of successful private sector solutions for bringing women back to work with ease, as a matter of course and with a sense of pride – and for keeping this as priority — increasing retention, bolstering recruitment and serving a key messaging priority.

Current projects include:

• The White House Summit on Working Families

Our work has led us to an exciting intersection with the White House Summit on Working Families to be held in Washington DC on June 23, 2014.  We will participate in a panel to discuss challenges of new mothers in the workplace including those specific to breastfeeding mothers.

Julia Beck, founder of It’s Working, will do what she does best — break down the concerns specific to expectant and new parents and the complex issues related to transitioning back to work, always with her eye on how it is be reflected in the media and corporate messaging.

Stay tuned for more on this ground-breaking work in progress.

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